Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suarez is a fool!!

Hello everyone, with Giovanna approaching Mauritius, i find it was the ideal time to write something on my blog!! Yeah i am back. Hurray!! I know you were all waiting for me.. So kind of you, dear fans..

I will like to talk about something that matters to me. Yesterday there was the much awaited Man Utd vs Liverpool match. There have been lots of polemics after the match. The previous time both team met, Patrice Evra accused Luis Suarez of racism. Suarez abused him verbally on multiple occasions and after an inquiry by the FA, Suarez was given 8-match ban. Suarez claimed he was innocent..

Yesterday all this nonsense could have come to an end when Evra was due to shake hands with Suarez. However the Liverpool player refused to do so, which annoyed Evra. During the match Suarez continued to behave like a child. He first kicked the ball hard in the crowd and kicked the ball wildly at Evra.. Evra smiled when he dodged the ball. At the end of the match Man Utd won. Evra celebrated as if he won the champions league. Another childish behavior. We all agree that those things is not football..

Coming to Suarez, what a fool!! Ferguson after the match said he was a disgrace to Liverpool Fc. I agree with Fergie!! Someone like Suarez is not doing Liverpool any good. Yes, he is a good striker and i will support him till he wears the Liverpool shirt but i think that Liverpool should sell him in the next transfer window. He is not irreplaceable like any other player. The world was watching him. Suarez did not show an example to all these people and by the way he behave, i think he is the real culprit in this story..

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